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All About Your Email Accounts

How to manage/add/remove an email account

Log in to your cPanel and click the icon "Mail" and then click on "Manage/Add/Remove Accounts"
The first thing you see is all of the email accounts present on your account, starting with the email address, then the login name for that email address followed by a
Delete - Read Webmail - Aging - Change Quota - Change Password - and Outlook (Express) AutoConfig

To add an account scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click on "Add Account". You will be taken to a screen where you put in the new email address that you would like to create, the password for the account and the disk quota for the account. After entering all 3 fields, click "Create".

To remove an account simply click on delete and confirm the deletion.

How to set the catch-all email address

The catch-all email account is already set up for you with the login name that you are given to log in to your cPanel. A catch-all account means that all that are not set up as real email accounts will go to this account. You can then check this email by checking the webmail with the and your cPanel login password. If you would like to create a different catch-all account, click on the "Mail" icon from cPanel and the "Forwarders". From here it tells you to click to create a new catch-all account. Click the link and follow the instructions.

How to create/delete an email forwarder

An email domain forwarder redirects all email coming in on a specific domain name to another domain name. For example if we setup to redirect to, all email coming in on will redirect to its corresponding user on ( redirects to
To add an email forwarder, you click on "Mail" from cPanel, and then choose "Forwarders". Click on "Add Forwareder" at the bottom of the screen and a new screen will appear. On the new screen type in the email address that you would like forwarded and choose the domain name in the drop down box. In the box to the right type in the complete address of where you want the emails to go and then click on "Create".
To delete an email forwarder click on the "Forwarders" link from "Mail" and it will show a list of all of the forwarded accounts. Click on "Delete" next to the forwarded account that you would like to delete, and then confirm the deletion.

How to change the password of an email account

To change the password on an email account, go to "Mail", "Manage/Add/Remove Accounts" and you will see a list of all of your domain names. Click on "Change Pass" next to the account that you want to change the password for. Type the new password in the box and click on "Change". This allows you to change the password without having to remember the old one in case you or the user assigned to that email address forgets what the password is.

How to change the quota of an email account

The quota is the disk space allowed for storage by the individual email address. You can set this to keep your users from sending big files by email, or consuming your disk space and bandwidth with their email accounts. Go to the same screen as the Change Password option above where it lists all of your accounts. Click on "Change Quota" next to the email account that you would like to change the quota for, and a new screen will appear. Type in the new quota, in Megs, and click on "Create".

How to add an autoresponder

Auto responders are used to automatically respond to an email that has been sent to the corresponding email address. Auto responders are very useful for people that are going away for a long period of time and wouldn.t be able to answer their emails. An auto responder can be setup to respond to incoming emails with any message specified by the user. For example, if somebody sent an email to and there was an autoresponder, the sender would immediately get an email back with a customized message letting them know that they were out of town or gone for the holiday weekend. All of your emails will still be waiting for you when you are available to check them.
To add an autoresponder simply click on "AutoResponder" from the Main Mail Menu. Click on "Add AutoResponder" at the bottom and customize your message. Leave the %subject% alone and it will Reply to their subject with your message, or you can customize it to fit your needs. After you fill in all of the information click on "Create/Modify".

How to enable/disable Spam Assassin

Spam Assassin is a free program that comes with all cPanel and WHM installations. It's used to filter out incoming email on a server side basis. Meaning it's sorted through as it comes into the server. If this is available to a user, they are able to activate or deactivate it from this section. There is also a Spam Assassin Spam Box that can be enabled also. Meaning that all email that Spam Assassin deems as spam, will be forwarded to this box and can be viewed by the user at a later date.
To activate Spam Assassin, click on "Spam Assassin" from the Main Mail Menu. Click on "Enable Spam Box" and "Enable Spam Assassin". To deactivate Spam Assassin go to the same place, once it is enabled and click both buttons to disable. Valid HTML 4.01!

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