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Setting up Your Email Account(s) on Your Computer

Microsoft Outlook & Outlook Express

Since Outlook or Outlook Express come with the Windows operating systems, they are the most popular. They are also the easiest to configure and setup with your cPanel program. The easiest way to setup your email accounts to your computer's email program is to go to cPanel and click on "Mail". After You open your mail programs you will see a list of all email accounts that are on your domain. To the far right there is a link that reads (Outlook (Express) AutoConfig). Click on the link and it will save a file to your hard drive. After the file is saved open it up and answer yes to the questions that it asks. The program will automatically install the email address on your Outlook or Outlook Express.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Follow the steps above to set your email account up through Outlook or Outlook Express. After setting them up, open your Mozilla Thunderbird program. There is an option to import settings from Outlook. Click on that, and it will automatically set everything up for you the same way that it is set up on Outlook or Outlook Express.

Advanced Email Setup There is nothing too complicated about setting up your email accounts with our servers. You can open any email client and choose the options to add a new email account. Once you open it up enter your email address and display name that you are setting up. For your mail servers there are two options, SMTP and POP3. You should enter for both of these.

Enter your username, which is either your name before the email address or the complete email address, depending on the program you are using and your password.

That is all there is to it most of the time.

Special Circumstances Some Internet Service Providers do not allow you to use another POP3 account so you have to enter their information. POP3 is the "Post Office Protocol" used for sending emails. You can still use your email address to send emails, but you must send it through them. Cincinnati Bell is a prime example of this, in this area. If you are receiving emails okay, but receive an error when trying to send them you will need to go back to the mail server page and enter their POP3 server as your POP3 server. (For Cincinnati Bell, this is

If you have any problems, contact support and we will give you a call and walk you through the process step-by-step.

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