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Checking Your Email(s) From Anywhere

Accessing your WebMail

To check your email from anywhere, you need to access your cPanel and click on "WebMail" or you can go to

The first time you enter Webmail a screen will pop up asking you to answer some simple questions that will configure the program for your use. After saving your answers, the Webmail program will start and you'll be taken to the screen that shows your Inbox.

Please Note: When you access Webmail from the welcome screen in your control panel, you will only be able to receive email sent to your default address. If you would like to check messages for a different email address you will need to access Webmail from the Add/Remove Accounts menu or by accessing Webmail directly from your browser by entering the following URL: When you are then prompted for username and password make sure you enter the full username and the password of the email account you wish to check email for. You may log in with the master account that I provided to you (usually the first 8 characters of your domain name) and you will be able to view all of the email accounts at the same time.

There are three different WebMail programs available on our servers. They are Horde, SquirrelMail and NeoMail. All of them work about the same. Experiment with them and find the one that you like the best.

How to Compose and Send a new email message

Once you are inside of one of your email accounts using the method explained above, you should click on compose. Choosing this option will open a screen for creating a new email message. The information you entered in the configuration will appear in the correct boxes, leaving you to fill in two boxes: the email address of the person you want to send your message to, and the subject line.

Additional Options Include:
CC - This means Carbon Copy. Add additional addresses here if you want to send a copy of the email to more than one person. Separate addresses with a comma, but do not add a space between them. For example to send to three additional people you would enter,,

BCC - This means Blind Carbon Copy. When you use the Carbon Copy option above, all the email addresses you entered will appear in the header of each recipient's message. You may not want all the addresses to show in the headers, either because you don't want the main recipient to know you are sending copies to others, or because you don't want to publish everyone's email address without their permission. If you don't want the email addresses to show, place them in the BCC box instead of the CC box. Add them the same way as before, separated by commas but without any spaces between.

Attachment - You can attach a file to your email message by clicking on the Browse button and choosing the file that you want to send. However, remember that many of the files on your computer are quite large in comparison to email messages. If the file is too big, the recipient's ISP may reject it, or the recipient may choose not to open it due to excessive download time.

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